A Military History of Sovereign Hawaii

A Military History of Sovereign Hawaii

© 2004 Neil Bernard Dukas

ISBN 1-56647-636-4

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 2004101859

Publisher:  Mutual Publishing (Honolulu, Hawai‘i)

Paperbound, 232 pages, 84 illustrations


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Recent reviews:

Grant Jones, Military Chronicles Magazine—
A Military History of Sovereign Hawaii is a handsome volume with many rare illustrations. It is a worthy addition to the library of anyone interested in Hawaiian history and warfare. (read the complete review)

Lt. Col. Harold E. Raugh, Jr., Ph.D., U.S. Army (Ret.), Military Heritage Magazine—
This engrossing book makes a truly original contribution to military history...Dukas’ superbly researched, elegantly written, and handsomely produced study of Hawaii’s military history deserves a large audience. (read the complete review)

Wanda A. Adams, Honolulu Advertiser—
A researcher faithful to provable fact, Dukas is careful to differentiate between what is known and what is less well-understood about early [Hawaiian] military history. (read the complete review)

Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Bulletin—
Dukas, apparently a tireless researcher, has assembled a tremendously useful reference tool that's also fun to read. (read the complete review)

Sebastian Blanco, Honolulu Weekly—
Knows his subject and injects the slim volume with easy-to-read accounts of the internal and external forces that affected Hawai‘i's military culture....Dukas deftly explains how world events played a role in Hawai‘i's military history. (read the complete review)

Lt. Col.-Dr. J.A. English, former professor of strategy, Naval War College—
Superb analysis of the unique warrior culture that developed in the isolated Hawaiian Islands during the 17th and the 18th centuries is masterly conveyed in an easy to read style. This absorbing treatment of the unified kingdom's valiant attempts to field professional forces in defense of the Hawaiian realm also constitutes a groundbreaking study in itself.

Recent articles:

"Writer revisits Battle of Nu‘uanu Pali"
Honolulu Advertiser, Aug. 31, 2009 (B1) (read the complete article)

"Warrior Society:  Thinking about war, peace and ancient Hawai‘i"
Maui Time Weekly, Vol. 10, No. 19 (Nov. 2, 2006)
Cover Story by Anthony Pignataro. (read the complete article)




Page II. The quote should read:  "His absorbing treatment of the unified kingdom's valiant attempts..."

Page IV (Acknowledgements). The line should read: "Mrs. Haesan Morse at the Hawai‘i State Library and Susan Langer at Lab Tech Hawai‘i were also very helpful."

Page IX. The line in paragraph two should read: ". . . the erection of the islands' first luakini heiau-a temple of vast proportions..."

Page 19. Footnote 1 should read: ". . . was off conducting operations against Maui at the time of Cook's arrival..."

Page 127. The line in paragraph four should read: ". . . one embedded breech-down in the sidewalk..."

Page 137. Bottom Photograph: the wrought iron fence surrounding the palace is actually out of frame.

Pages 175-176. Captain Wiltse of the USS Boston landed 162 sailors and marines at Honolulu.

Pages 213-222. A printer's error caused a major font change in the index. Vowels marked with macrons appear incorrectly as an umlaut, and an umlaut-y sometimes appears in place of an okina (glottal stop).

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